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Brake Repairs & Inspections

Your vehicle's brakes are an essential safety feature of your vehicle. Being able to bring your vehicle to an abrupt stop when required, or a smoothe effortless and gentle halt, is vital to safe motoring and you and your family's welfare. Your brakes suffer wear and tear faster than most other areas of your vehicle, particularly with the stop-and-start nature of city driving. This makes regular checks of your brakes important. People often forget about trailers and caravans breaking sytemsand lighting. Wwe can inspect and make sure they are working as the should in conjunction with your vehicle.

We can perform a variety of services for your brakes, from servicing your brake pedal and hydraulics to replacing worn brake pads and rotors, as well as machining new brake pads and restoring the surface of your existing brake discs for that extra bit of use from them. For more information about our brake services, give us a call today!

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Wheels, Tyres & Alignments

Poorly balanced or aligned wheels and tyres cause discomfort and handling issues. From increasing the deterioration of your steering system and suspension sytem to creating uneven wear in your tyres resulting in premature and expensive tyre replacement. In addition to recommending the right tyres for your vehicle and driving habits, we can properly fit, balance, and align them for your vehicle, optimising your vehicle's contact with the road and minimising the wear. From a car roadworthy to improving your car's handling, quality tyres are a must for your car.

Performance cars, sports cars, 4wd off road, to caravan and passenger vehicles, we can provide and fit the best tyres suited to your vehicle to ensure optimum safety, ride quality,  and reliablity on the road. To find out more about wheels alignments, wheel balancing, tyres from front or rear, and what we can do to improve your vehicle's handling, give us a call today!

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Suspension & Steering

Problems with your vehicle's road control and ride comfort can usually be traced back to issues with your steering or suspension components. Whether it's play in the steering wheel caused by worn steering system part, body roll when going through corners or poor control on varying road surfaces caused from sagging suspension components.

You may understeer, or oversteer, struggle with handling, have unwanted body rock when braking, decreased vehicle control (especially at higher speeds), body  lean, and an uncomfortable ride in general. Our team of experienced auto technicians can repair key areas of your steering or suspension, from power steering modules and issues in the steering column, to replacing worn car springs, shock absorbers, bushing and other key suspension parts.

For an inspection of your suspension and steering, give us a call today!