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Engine Repair rebuild Townsville Mechanic

Engine Repairs, Reconditioning or Motor Replacement

Your vehicle's engine is the heart of your vehicle. Problems here can severely affect your vehicle's performance or fuel efficiency, potentially even taking your vehicle off the road altogether. From engine tuning, regular servicing, engine shaking or vibrating, to stalling or poor performance, we can fix your engine to its running best.

We can provide a range of services for your vehicle's petrol or common-rail diesel engine, including reconditioning, the replacement damaged timing belts and chains, EFI diagnostics, cleaning blocked up fuel pumps and injectors and more. We'll have your engine working at its utmost when you drive away.

If you think your engine is working more sluggish than you're used to, arrange for our team to inspect it by contacting us today!

Engine Performance diagnostic dyno tune Townsville

Vehicle Performance Upgrades

Whether you're getting a vehicle ready for its next race day or just want to get the absolute most out of your vehicle, we offer a variety of aftermarket parts and accessories to boost your engine's performance, vehicle's stability and overall ride.

We can recommend and install a range of superchargers, turbochargers and intercoolers to optimise the power output of your engine. From clutch and exhaust upgrades, to suspension, braking and wheels, and we're happy to discuss a range of vehicle performance upgrades with you. 

If you are interested in getting the best performance for your vehichle or have a specific engine upgrade you have in mind, give us a call today!

Clutch Transmission gearbox Mechanic Townsville

Clutch, Transmissions & Gearboxes

Grinding noises from below the vehicle or trouble changing or staying in gears are typical warning signs of wear and tear in your vehicle's drivetrain, most commonly in the transmission. If left unchecked repairs here can prove to be very costly, so if you suspect your vehicle might have transmission trouble, it's best to have it checked by an experienced mechanic sooner rather than later.

We're able to service, repair or replace your vehicle's manual or automatic transmission, as well as transmission coolers, clutch pedals and hydraulics, and CV joints.

If you want help getting your vehicle back in gear again, talk to one of our staff today!

Radiator Coolant Repair Mechanic South Townsville

Radiators & Cooling Systems

Is your car running hot? Temperature gauge sky high? Maybe your vehicle is using to much coolant? Your vehicle's performance is predicated on being able to work at its optimum operating temperature. This makes the proper maintenance of your vehicle's cooling system imperative to maintaining a healthy engine. If you think your engine might be overheating, you should immediately pull over and let it cool down, before very carefully driving your vehicle to Boundary Street Automotive for an inspection of your cooling system.

We can provide and install replacement radiators and heater units, check your coolant hosing for leaks or cracks, and replace them if necessary, as well as conduct a coolant flush to loosen any remaining blockages that might be interfering with the proper operation of your vehicle's cooling system.

To find out more on keeping your vehicle cool, give us a call today!