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Vehicle and Engine Diagnostics

With modern vehicles' network of electrical devices becoming more and more sophisticated every year, having top of the line diagnostic tools capable of accessing your vehicle's various internal sensors and monitors to check for trouble is the only way to diagnose trouble properly and accurately in your vehicle. Our workshop comes equipped with the latest in diagnostic scan tools, helping us discover the cause of your vehicle's problems and repair them quickly, getting your vehicle back in your hands sooner.

All of our local Townsville mechanics undergo constant up to date diagnostic training and have many years of experience solving the most complex of engine problems. From a shaking, vibrating engine, to poor fuel consumption, our team can solve your problems and have your car back running smoothly and efficiently. If there's something about your vehicle that doesn't seem quite right, we can help sort it out. Contact us today to arrange an inspection.

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Auto Electrical

Given the importance placed on your electrical system to manage the various areas of your vehicle, it's just as important to keep the electrical system itself in good condition. Problems with your wiring or a faulty battery can affect all manner of systems in your vehicle that rely on power, from headlights or your car stereo, to electronic brakes or airbag deployment.

We can conduct all manner of electrical repairs for your vehicle, from supplying batteries for all makes and models of vehicle to installing dual battery systems and Anderson plugs. We can also replace faulty or damaged alternators and starter motors, as well as replace damaged wiring.

For more information about your vehicle's electrical system, talk to one of our friendly staff today!

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4WD Accessories and Fitting

Before taking your vehicle out on an off-road adventure, make sure it can handle everything your plans can throw at it by bringing it to us at Boundary Street Automotive for a trip preparation check.

We can make sure your vehicle's up to the task of your next 4WD trek, from fitting snorkels, towbars and bull bars, light bars, lift kits and other 4x4 accessories to make sure your trip goes without a mechanical hitch.

Before planning your next big outdoor trip, bring your vehicle to us for a comprehensive check. Arrange a booking by giving us a call today!